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              • Individual Supported Living in Australia

                Beginning in 2008, the first two stages of this project have developed a descriptive framework of ISL and then operationalized that framework into a set of guidelines. The third stage of the project will explore how high quality ISL arrangements contribute to social and economic participation and relationships.
                Curtin University, School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work, Australia

              • One-stop-shop for employment services

                The JobAccess Programme addresses the lack of easily accessible and comprehensive information regarding government assistance for employers and employees with disabilities. Technical advice and financial subsidies are intended to facilitate the removal of barriers in the workplace. People with disabilities receive support to find and keep a job.
                Australian Department of Social Services, One-stop-shop for employment services, Australia

              • Voting independently and privately

                eVoting improves access for the impaired as well as for the illiterate and citizens living abroad. The voting software was customized to support 12 languages, and included zoom and contrasting options on the kiosk screen and an audio interface. It also offers such additional features as headphones and a specially selected keyboard.
                Scytl, Australia

              • A montage of 6 images on white background showing the  accessibility implementations of the Port Arthur Historic Site.

                Website collecting comprehensive facts about accessible travelling in a whole region

                Travel for All, a social business from Australia, launched the Travel For All Guide - a comprehensive travel guide for travellers with disabilities. The website provides vetted information that is co-created by its users, and offers a toolkit on accessibility issues for tourism suppliers.
                Travel For All, Travel For All, Australia

              • NVDA is a free, fully functional, portable screen reader for Microsoft Windows that allows blind and vision-impaired persons across the world access to computers at no greater cost than their sighted peers.

                Thanks to NVDA, blind and vision-impaired people can participate in education, the workforce and aspects of daily living that were previously impossible or difficult to access such as reading, shopping, banking and social networking. In 2013 NVDA was the only fully functional, multi-lingual, free download available to everyone.
                NV Access Limited, Portable screen-reader, free of charge, Australia

              • The photo depicts two men sitting in chairs facing each other with warm, friendly expressions. The man on the left has a prosthetic leg, which is clearly visible, and he is holding crutches. The environment suggests a casual, possibly professional setting. Both men are dressed in business casual attire. The presence of the prosthetic leg may subtly suggest themes of overcoming adversity, resilience, and normalizing disability in everyday contexts, promoting a message of inclusivity and equality.

                A mentoring programme for more people with disabilities on company boards

                Australian Network on Disability's Directing Change Scholarship: A three-year program creating pathways for persons with disabilities in directorial roles. In 2022, received 226 applications, awarded 22 scholarships, and engaged over 300 directors.
                Directing Change Scholarship, Australia