The Zero Project Conference 2023

Conference Platform and Agenda coming soon!

#ZeroCon23: February 22-24, 2023


The Zero Project Conference – an annual disability inclusion gathering at the United Nations Office at Vienna – brings together innovators and key decision makers from all sectors to foster partnerships, share new proven solutions, and support the international scaling of these solutions, all towards the mission for a world with zero barriers.

#ZeroCon23: Independent Living & Political Participation, and ICT


The Zero Project Conference 2023 will highlight new and innovative solutions from around the world centered around the theme of: Independent Living & Political Participation, and ICT. 

These solutions will be presented in the form of the Zero Project Awardees 2023.

74 Awardees from 43 countries will be featured in various formats throughout #ZeroCon23.

Broadcast for the world


Livestreamed for free, #ZeroCon23 features a wide spectrum of formats, from parallel sessions to workshops, keynote presentations, and engaging forum discussions. This live content will be broadcast in an accessible fashion via the Zero Project YouTube Channel:

Some of the key topics covered at #ZeroCon23 will include:

  • Voter & Civic Education
  • Assistive Technology
  • Deinstitutionalization
  • Early Childhood Intervention
  • Self-employment & Micro Finance
  • Self-representation
  • Participation in Public Life
  • From Guardianship to Supported Decision Making
  • Voting Policies & Procedure

Highlights: 3 days, 70+ Awardees, 40+ Countries, 150+ Events

Conference Platform and Agenda coming soon!

Impact, Innovation, Scalability; the Zero Project Awardees 2023 have it all.

With Zero Project Awardees from over 40 countries, #ZeroCon23 will deliver global roundtables that touch upon:

  • Innovations in mental health
  • Projects that provide solutions for persons with psychosocial disabilities
  • International standards that are enabling accessible telehealth for all
  • The interdisciplinary connections between cybersecurity and persons with disabilities
  • Inclusive workshop formats that address the needs of persons with disabilities who have experienced sexual trauma
  • And many more contemporary and prescient disability inclusion challenges along with the solutions that address them.


For the first time ever, the Zero Project will introduce two new Conference formats:

  1. The Zero Project India Forum, which will foster closer partnerships with India, and welcome a large multi-sectoral delegation from India that will underline the disability inclusion ecosystem underway in India.
  2. The Zero Project Policymaker Forum, which will bring together high-level policy makers to not only present outstanding public policies, but to also engage in conversation with each other to learn and cultivate greater policy innovations.


To deliver these and other interventions, we are honored to welcome an array of speakers including:

  • A bald man with glasses wears a suit and tie.

    Chairman, Board of Trustees, Global UN Partnership for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies

    Luis Gallegos

  • A woman in her early 40's with long wavy blond hair wears a black turtleneck.

    CEO and Founder of the Valuable 500

    Caroline Casey

  • A woman wearing a black blazer and a white blouse with dark hair smiling for the camera.

    The first deaf member of the Israeli Knesset

    Shirly Pinto

  • A woman with purple hair and a blue patterned tanktop.

    CEO and Founder of Ruh Global Impact

    Debra Ruh

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Conference Platform and Agenda coming soon!