ICT solution for people with reduced mobility to use public transport

App&Town Compagnon
Mass Factory Urban Accessible Mobility, S.L.
Country of Implementation
Western Europe
Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, Laval, and Longueuil in Canada
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"App&Town Compagnon" is an app that allows people with reduced mobility to use public transport autonomously. The app was developed by Mass Factory Urban Accessible Mobility from Barcelona, Spain, and includes route planning, personalized guidance and assistance.

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“The app reduces anxiety experienced by people when taking public transit and empowers them to be confident.” Pierre Lavigueur, Société de Transport de Laval

In 2019 the technology company Mass Factory Urban Accessible Mobility, based in Barcelona, Spain, developed the App&Town Compagnon, which allows people with reduced mobility to autonomously use public transportation as a regular means of transport. The app includes route planning, personalized guidance, and – in case of emergency or deviation – remote or on-site assistance. In 2021 the app was available in Spain and Canada, with more than 400 individual users.

Problems Targeted

It is difficult for many people with reduced mobility to use public transportation independently, while providing adapted transport services can be very costly.

Solution, Innovation and Impact

App&Town Compagnon caters to anyone with reduced mobility who may need assistance to use public transportation, such as persons with mental health issues, but it can also be used by older people, children, and any person who needs support. The business model is geared towards transport authorities and service providers that cater to users with various disabilities. Users create a route via their web app and receive door-to-door guidance in real time, for example, exactly when to get off a bus. The app’s interface is fully customizable with easy-to-read text, audio, images, and vibration. A control centre monitors the user’s journey to detect any problems, such as a user going off-route, losing the GPS signal, or pressing the ‘Help’ button. An operator then provides the user with remote help or organizes on-site assistance. Remote monitoring can be enabled for a user’s family members as well. Following a 2019 pilot in Barcelona, App&Town Compagnon has been deployed in Madrid and in the Canadian cities of Laval and Longueuil. In 2021 there were more than 400 individual users.

Funding, Outlook and Transferability

The app is free for the user. App&Town Compagnon generates revenues through an annual licensing scheme paid for by local transportation companies. The actual amount depends on the number of individual users: for example, it costs €40,000 per year for up to 25 users. Mass Factory broke even in 2019 and became profitable in 2020. Going forward, the company plans to deploy the app in other Spanish cities, working with local transportation companies, and to further expand internationally, starting in the Netherlands.





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