Programme Manager, Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Governance at Atos

Today is time for change, to make this world and work accessible and inclusive - unleashing talent and performance globally by breaking down barriers with technology and a culture of belonging and co-creation. Proud to be a change making leader and program manager for Accessibility & Digital Inclusion for Atos in an amazing team, with the vision to lead in accessible and inclusive digital transformation together with the people concerned, employees, people with disabilities in civil society - at the service of the public sector and associating all actors of the value chain! Being life and computer scientist by training I accompanied clients in the health & life sciences industry and public sector as techno functional consultant for AtoS optimizing value as agile Product Owner and developing modern Webaapplications. For over 14 years is my pleasure to "build bridges" and initiate collaborations between civil society NFPO's in biotech & life sciences and patient/disability advocacy organisations aiming to foster transdisciplinary and international collaborations and careers in a diverse and inclusive work environment. For this I founded as disability activist the ResearchAbility initiative & mange the Diversity& Inclusivity task force of MCAA GEDI working group providing accessible trainings and information on career management, transdisciplinary networking and open collaboration focusing since 2018 on inclusion and diversity management. Within Spring in 2021, I finally joined the world of inclusion program management with my P&SD and H&LS experiences in Digital Transformation Consultancy in Atos. Year of this biography:

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