Professor at Johannes Kepler University Linz

Head of Institute Integriert Studieren (http://www.jku.at/iis). R&D and teaching in Computer Science: Assistive Technology, Accessibility, Design for All, Usability, Socio-technical Inclusion. Founder/CEO of JKU’s Centre for Students with Disabilities. More 230 peer-reviewed publications and 100 R&D grants. Chair ICCHP (Int. Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, www.icchp.org). Founder/chair ICC (Summer school for disabled university beginners, www.icc-camp.info). Founder/chair Regional Competence Centre IT for People with disabilities (KI-I, www.ki-i.at). Founder/chair BookAccess (Accessible teaching/learning materials, www.bookaccess.at). Past-President and secretariat of AAATE (www.aaate.net). Active member www.ocg.at, www.ifip.org, www.acm.org, www.uniability.org. Year of this biography: 2019

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