The Basics

Zero Project – The Basics is a publication series of the Essl Foundation, dedicated to explaining important and emerging topics like Artificial Intelligence, or Assistive Technologies, that influence inclusion, accessibility, and therefore the lives of persons with disabilities.

These series of brief, educational introductions provide food for thought in an entertaining and accessible way. Moreover, they give practical examples of relevance for persons with disabilities.

The Basics are produced in three different and accessible formats: Accessible pdf, audio, and videos with English captions and International Sign translation.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

The Basics

Edition 1

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological simulation of human intelligence, that seeks to imitate the way in which we humans do things and think. In relation to persons with disabilities many questions arise: What can AI do for us? Are we replacing old barriers with new ones? Where does it affect inclusion and accessibility already? We at Zero Project believe that AI is here to stay: find out why.