Zero Project Scaling Solutions

Transfer for inclusion, Advance with innovation.

Zero Project Scaling Solutions is an exclusive programme for shortlisted ZeroCall Innovators to transfer and advance their outstanding solution for persons with disabilities to new countries and regions.

The programme: a global catalyst for disability inclusion

60 innovations


26 countries

since 2018

Essl Foundation, Fundación Descúbreme, GIZ, Atos, and Inclusive Creation have joined forces to leverage the Zero Project's research for creating a global catalyst for disability inclusion. Shortlisted #ZeroCall24 Innovators have been invited to apply by September 17th, 2023, and join the programme as one of ten so-called "Scaling Fellows".

The programme's key components:

Scaling Support

Tailored strategies and resources to guide intiatives through the complex process of scaling to new countries and regions.

Impact Measurement

Utilize robust impact measurement strategies to gauge transformative change.

Personal Advisors

Elevate your initiative with 1-on-1 expert guidance, strategic insights, and a network of influential advisors.

A track record of successful replication

The programme, formerly known as "Zero Project Impact Transfer" was first initiated in 2018. During that time, the programme supported more than 60 innovations from 26 countries. Although replications typically happen in a medium-term perspective, one third of participants have successfully replicated their innovation within two years’ time.

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Scaling Fellows: Ready to strengthen your impact?

The Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme is open to organisations that have made it to the #ZeroCall24 shortlistcentred around the topics of Inclusive Education and ICT.

By joining the programme, innovators gain access to a vast network and expertise, which serve as fertile grounds for collaboration and growth. A personal Advisor will support Scaling Fellows along the way.

Advisors: guide innovators for effective replication

The Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme offers Scaling Fellows 1-on-1 guidance by Advisors who are experts in relevant fields. By becoming an Advisor, you will help shape outstanding innovations for disability inclusion, and empower sustainable replication of proven solutions in new countries and regions.

Why become an Advisor?

  • Make a difference: Your knowledge can inspire and guide innovators, fostering their growth and success.
  • Shape the future: By sharing insights and strategies, you contribute to building a more inclusive and accessible world.
  • Receive Recognition: As an advisor, you'll receive a prestigious certificate acknowledging your valuable contributions to the Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme.
  • Exclusive Networking: Connect with fellow experts and industry leaders in the exclusive Advisors' Circle.
  • Enrich Your Experience: Access specialized workshops and training sessions that enhance your skills and insights.
  • Leave a Legacy: Contribute to innovative solutions that create a positive impact, leaving a legacy of positive change.

To join Zero Project Scaling Solutions as an Advisor, fill in the online application form:

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About the Programme

Transferring and advancing innovation to new countries and regions

Zero Project Scaling Solutions' objective is to function as a global catalyst for disability inclusion: the programme is designed to transfer and advance outstanding innovations for persons with disabilities to new countries and regions.

The programme formerly known as “Zero Project Impact Transfer” was first initiated in 2018 by the Essl Foundation in collaboration with Ashoka, the network of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Under the new name of "Zero Project Scaling Solutions" four powerful organizations have now joined forces to support the programme's goal with their vast networks and expertise.

More details to be released soon!

Stay tuned for updates on the programme's timeline and public offering.