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Fundación Saraki's IN Dashboard, Paraguay: A web portal for economic inclusion of persons with disabilities. Tracks progress and recommendations in the Americas. As of July 2023, 19+ countries have uploaded their reports.

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“The IN Dashboard is a repository of all the information we collect in each reporting cycle.” Mercedes Carrillo, Legal Officer of the Department of Social Inclusion, Organization of American States

The IN Dashboard is a web portal developed by Fundación Saraki, a Paraguayan NGO, dedicated to innovations supporting the economic inclusion of persons with disabilities as well as a rights-based approach to improve public policy. The dashboard was built to collect and analyse data from official government reports and alternative reports of civil society. It publishes the data, tracks the status of progress, and follows up on recommendations made to various countries. In July 2023, 19+ countries in the Americas had uploaded their country reports.

Problems Targeted

OPDs, civil society in general, and even governments and treaty bodies (e.g., the UN, OAS, and others) lack access to information on the existence, coverage, and quality of disability inclusion data.

Solution, Innovation and Impact

The IN Dashboard was created in 2021 to be a comprehensive platform for collecting, analysing, and publishing both quantitative and qualitative human rights data. It was initially adopted by OPD allies in eight countries in Latin America. Beginning in 2023, the Organization of American States Disability Convention (OAS-CIADDIS) adopted the platform for its official use in 19 countries. In 2023 the Committee of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) piloted the platform in its two sessions with ten countries. The IN Dashboard is improving transparency and accountability by tracking human rights commitments and facilitating evidence-based dialogue among policy makers, civil advocates, and rights holders. Information is collected through existing reporting mechanisms, so states and treaty bodies are provided with an online tool that makes their reporting work more efficient. For OAS-CIADDIS, the IN Dashboard hosts the Regional Disability Observatory; for the CRPD, it connects official state reports with alternative reports from OPDs and other key stakeholders. OPDs in Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, and other countries have strengthened their ability to demonstrate inconsistencies and data gaps, contrasting official reports and their own accounts, and helping experts in improving their recommendations to OAS Member States.

Funding, Outlook and Transferability

The IN Dashboard is managed by the Saraki Foundation and is funded by the US Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor , with contributions from the Organization of American States. The IN Dashboard may grow to more than ten OAS Member States and help to further ten UN Human Rights treaties, as well as other regions’ treaties, as the software was built in a format adaptable to any convention or language. (Awardee 2024)



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