Zero Project Ambassadors' Circle

The Zero Project Ambassadors' Circle is a diplomatic collective that brings together actors determined to foster disability inclusion, share good practices, and remove barriers for all.

The initiative was founded by Martin Essl, Founder and Chairman of the Essl Foundation in 2021.


The Zero Project Ambassadors' Circle's mission is to bring together a diplomatic collective, which will collaborate in the name of disability inclusion.

The Zero Project Ambassadors' Circle is open to all accredited Ambassadors and heads of an international organization, institution, or permanent mission.

  • Goals

    Innovative Solutions for all

    Systems change when minds change. In order to bring disability inclusion into mainstream conversation an exchange of ideas is needed, and so is a collective of visible Ambassadors: the Zero Project Ambassadors' Circle.

  • Current members

    Meet our founding members

    The Zero Project Ambassadors' Circle was launched during the Zero Project Conference 2022 at the United Nations Office at Vienna.

  • How to become a member

    Join today!

    Please contact Robin Tim Weis, Manager of the Public Sector at the Zero Project, in order to inquire about membership:

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