The Zero Project Conference 2025

#ZeroCon25: Employment and ICT

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March 5-7, 2025

The annual Zero Project Conference has become a unique global meeting place to innovate for disability inclusion. Every year, more than 1,000 participants from 100 countries attend the conference at the United Nations Office in Vienna. 

#ZeroCon25 will be centred around innovative solutions for Employment and ICT: the Zero Project Awardees 2025. More information will be released soon!

A unique global meeting place to innovate for disability inclusion

#ZeroCon25: live on-site and online

Broadcast for the world

Livestreamed for free, #ZeroCon25 will feature a wide spectrum of formats, from expert panels to podium discussions, keynote presentations, and fireside chats. This live content will be broadcast in an accessible fashion via the #ZeroCon25 conference platform and on the Zero Project's YouTube channel.

Invite-only at the United Nations Offices in Vienna

The Zero Project Conference takes place the United Nations Offices in Vienna, Austria. It is an invite-only event for innovators and decision makers from across the globe to connect and replicate innovations for disability inclusion.

Invitees will receive an email with a link to register on the #ZeroCon25 conference platform. There is a limited number of registrations for the in-person event in Vienna. 

#ZeroCon25 Accessibility

Learn about #ZeroCon25 accessibility on YouTube:

Information on accessibility measures at the Zero Project Conference 2025


  • Zero Project Team members and volunteers are available to offer additional support to individual participants.
  • The accessibility features available in each conference session will be marked on the agenda and on the #ZeroCon25 conference platform.
  • A large print version of the conference agenda and the floor plan will be available at the registration desk.
  • Portable induction loops will be available from the registration desk.
  • An accessible video showing all accessibility features will be made available prior to and during the conference.


  • Tactile flooring is placed throughout the conference building to aid navigation to key areas.
  • Large print signs and floor plans are placed throughout the venue to support navigation.
  • Small printed floor plans and agenda overviews will be available at the reception desk.


  • All sessions in all conference facilities will have live captioning in English.
  • International Sign interpretation will be available in most sessions.
  • Individual headsets in each conference room offer amplification of speakers on stage.
  • Graphic facilitation will be available in several sessions to provide visual summaries of presentations.
  • Most Sessions can be viewed remotely via YouTube with International Sign and captioning provided in over 300 languages thanks to the accessibility features provided by the YouTube platform.


  • Instructions on creating an accessible presentation are sent to all presenters and dedicated Zero Project team members review presentations.
  • Audio description will be available for select videos submitted to the Zero Project Team ahead of the Conference.
  • Presenters are requested to include captioning in English for all videos shown during presentations.

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