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              • A man stands in a small shop. Behind him are shelves with snacks and household products. He is smiling at a woman standing in the shop doorway who is communicating with him in sign language.

                Vocational training and seed capital to support entrepreneurs with deafblindness

                Sense International India provides vocational training and seed capital to adults with deaf/blindness, enabling them to launch a micro-enterprise. The NGO also trains vocational instructors. By 2020, 600 people have benefited; and since 2014, 130 people have received seed capital.
                Sense International India, Income Generation Activities for Persons with Deafblindness, India

              • IBM Support to Enable India

                Bridging the gap to the ICT industry

                IBM has developed a self-assessment questionnaire that EnAble India can use to assist companies to gage their readiness to hire people with disabilities, as well as a guide for following-up with interviews so as to identify gaps and opportunities to increase the employment of people with disabilities.
                IBM Belgium, Belgium

              • The photo shows a group of children and young adults, likely of South Asian origin, gathered in front of a banner. The banner highlights the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) training of children with visual impairment on laptops and mobiles. The children are holding up what appear to be smartphones with screens displaying an interface, possibly indicating a tool or app designed to assist visually impaired users. The image conveys a sense of community, learning, and the empowering role of technology in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. The setting suggests an event or gathering to promote accessibility and inclusion through technological education.

                A concerted effort for the usage of accessible ICT devices supporting children with disabilities in low-income contexts

                Sightsavers India, a national NGO, promotes inclusive education with accessible ICT devices in remote areas. In 2022, it supported over 6,000 visually impaired learners across mainstream primary and secondary schools.
                Eight-State Inclusive Education Programme, India

              • A man accessing information through a mobile phone.

                Mobile phone-based information sharing service about accessible opportunities in rural India

                Namma Vaani is a voice-based social network, where information is shared via mobile phones (no smartphone and web-access needed), which allows users to listen and respond to voice messages from the disability community regarding education and employment opportunities, workplace solutions, enhanced life skills, and more.
                Enable India, Namma Vaani, India

              • This image shows two individuals, likely in a home setting. The person in the foreground appears to be a child with some form of physical disability, as they have supportive braces on their limbs. The other individual, possibly a caregiver or family member, is embracing the child with a warm, affectionate smile. The setting is cozy and domestic, with decorative items like potted plants and a wooden cabinet in the background. The interaction between the two suggests a narrative of care, support, and love, reflecting themes of assistance and the importance of providing a nurturing environment for all individuals, regardless of their abilities.

                Indian start-up company offering paid early childhood intervention as in-house services

                LoveForLife Rehabilitation Services (LFL Care), India: Offers personalized parent-child counselling and early intervention services. In 2022–2023, served over 500 children, mostly aged 0 to 6 years, with various therapies and educational support.
                LFL Care, India

              • A project participant draws Comics, while being supported by a peer support woman

                Grassroots self-advocacy for children through self-created comics

                Grassroots Comics enables children with disabilities to express their personality and opinions through hand-drawn comics. The children receive four days of training and then draw their own story on paper. Each year, more than 1,000 Grassroots Comics are created by children with disabilities in India.
                CHAI - Catholic Health Association of India, Grassroots Comics, India

              • Inclusive organic agriculture farming for all, with approximately half being persons with disabilities

                CBM cooperates with local partners across various states of India to train farmers, including people with disabilities, in organic farming and in supporting them by providing community loans for the procurement of equipment and livestock. By 2016 more than 11,000 farmers participated, 4,098 of whom were people with disabilities.
                CBM - Christoffel Blind Mission India, India

              • The photo shows a group of individuals engaged in a woodworking activity. They are working together at a sturdy workbench equipped with vices to hold the wood in place. One person is pouring a liquid, possibly a finish or adhesive, into a container, while others are observing or waiting their turn. The setting suggests a workshop environment, with a focus on collaboration and skill-sharing. The image conveys themes of cooperation, learning, and community engagement. The individuals' attire is casual, indicating a relaxed and informal atmosphere conducive to hands-on learning and teamwork.

                Mainstreaming a self-employment programme for persons with disabilities with Indian-wide government-led institutes

                EnAble India's Entrepreneurship Development Programme: Teaches skills to persons with disabilities for self-employment. From 2013 to 2023, trained over 9,000 persons, with 80% becoming self-employed across 562 RSETIs in India.
                Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP), India

              • On the left side is a screen, and an instructor demonstrates the EYE Tool to a visually impaired male person sitting on the right.

                Free learning tool for visually impaired persons to improve their computer skills

                The EYE Tool is a self-learning tool that teaches visually impaired people digital skills to prepare them for computer-based workplaces. Users can choose from over 400 exercises, participate in job role simulations, receive feedback, and test their progress. EYE Tool has over 10,000 users in 15 countries.
                Enable India, Educate Yourself Easily (EYE) Tool, India

              • A man pushes another man in a wheel chair to a barrier during a accessibility training.

                Teaching architects and students to use Universal Design principles

                The Center for Universal Design focuses on bringing Universal Design and accessibility into architectural education. People with disabilities are involved as core team members in formulating the curricula and creating course content. They are also invited as user experts and for conducting the training programmes.
                BNCA - Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College for Architecture For Women, Universal Design Center, Opening Minds to Universal Design, India