Scandic has taken on the challenge to include accessibility in everything they do. When designing rooms for persons with disabilities, Scandic ensure that they are as well-designed as any other room, with practical solutions that go almost unnoticed, except by those who really need them.

Everybody is welcome in an accessible hotel
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In consultation with organisations for people with special accessibility needs, a checklist of 110 points was developed. The Scandic's accessibility standard encompasses everything offered by the hotel and is an integral consideration for all products and services at the hotel. Scandic also offer online training for its staff.

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“Scandic's slogan is: 'Everyone is welcome at Scandic'. It is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading hotel chain in regard to access for all.” Magnus BERGLUND

Putting the needs of all guests firmly at the centre of its business model, Scandic has built a program around accessibility which includes the buildings, fixtures, fittings, furniture, design, training of its staff, menus, conference and meeting facilities, information and reservation services etc. to ensure that guests with disabilities or other access requirements enjoy a pleasant and trouble-free stay.

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The requirements for worry-free travel vary depending on whether one is wheelchair-bound, visually impaired, hearing impaired etc. Staying in a hotel might cause problems from the time of check-in at the reception until the check-out if no special service or knowledge is available.

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Hotels made accessible

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