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JAMBA - Career For All
JAMBA - Career for All
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The self-funded programme assists people with disabilities to acquire soft skills and professional abilities. Jamba also works with employers and operates a job matching platform. Launched in 2017, by 2020 Jamba has trained more than 590 people, has 58 partner organizations, and has more than 2,000 candidates in its database.

Many women and men are sitting in rows, looking at a podium; in the background are promotional stands.
Participants at the Career Fair ""Equality Means More"" in Bulgaria

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“We want to create opportunities for equal access to education, job development, and inclusion.” Iva Tsolova and Joana Koleva, Co-founders of JAMBA

JAMBA is a Bulgarian NGO and a social enterprise supporting job seekers with disabilities and assisting companies with recruitment and inclusion. Alongside an online job-matching platform, JAMBA trains job seekers in CV writing, interview preparation, business English, computer skills and other professional skills. From 2017 to 2020, over 2,000 people have registered on the online platform, and JAMBA has supported the recruitment of over 300 people. It has also expanded to Hungary and Austria.

Problems Targeted

There is a lack of professional training and employment support targeted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Solution, Innovation and Impact

JAMBA offers accessible training programmes to job seekers with disabilities. It focuses on essential skills in the business sector, such as business English, programming, graphic design, advertising, accounting and many others. Training lasts from one month to one year depending on the course, and for many courses people receive official certifications. In 2020, JAMBA focused on IT jobs that can be done remotely and in rural areas. In Bulgaria, JAMBA has trained 590 people, over 300 of whom have secured employment in one of JAMBA’s 58 partner companies. The organization also works actively with employers to ensure they can provide accessible work environments. It offers companies diversity and inclusion training and advises them on legal frameworks, including tax and other incentives, for employing people with disabilities. In addition to the accessible online job platform, JAMBA organizes annual career fairs to bring candidates and companies together.

Funding, Outlook and Transferability

In Bulgaria, JAMBA established a social enterprise alongside the existing NGO so it can receive donations and generate income. Revenue comes from recruitment commissions (usually equivalent to one month’s gross salary for the position), companies paying subscriptions for the online job platform, business training, and consultancy services. Services are free for candidates with disabilities. JAMBA has set up legal entities in Hungary and Austria, and the team has developed a toolkit to support replication covering all the necessary steps from developing a local team to knowledge transfer. It is looking to expand to five additional European countries by 2025.



Many women and men are sitting in rows, looking at a podium; in the background are promotional stands.Participants at the Career Fair ""Equality Means More"" in Bulgaria



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