Resource Development Manager at JDC Israel - Israel Unlimited

As a resource development manager for JDC-Israel Unlimited, and Hakaveret, JDC's Social Innovation Hub, Ayala acts as a liaison to major federations, foundations, and individual donors who seek to build strong, collaborative connections to JDC-Israel's work with people with disabilities, and to JDC's social start-up accelerator that enables young innovators to grow their ideas into large-scale programs that aim to solve social problems and affect social change in Israel. Having served on JDC's global resource development team and run JDC's global resource COVID-19 emergency team, Ayala's familiarity with JDC's work in Israel and globally positions her well to link philanthropic interests to endeavors that benefit vulnerable Jews throughout the world and strengthen Israeli society. After living in three continents, Ayala decided to settle in Israel in 24. Shortly after making Aliyah, she joined the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, working with the European press and media for two years, including during the Second Lebanon War. She earned her B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and Israel Studies, and wanting more hands-on experience, completed the Israel Tour Guiding Course in 212. Her genuine concern for people in need and her passion for the continuity of Jewish life brought Ayala into the Jewish nonprofit world shortly after completing her studies. After years in the field of educational and social leadership, Ayala joined the ranks at JDC to fulfill her vision of improving the lives of Jews around the world. Ayala lives in Jerusalem with her two daughters and enjoys hiking throughout Israel and traveling the world. Year of this biography: 2021

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