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"Zero Project has created a community of friends who are glad and ready to help each other at any time. I see the Zero Project as a big convening power focused on innovating continuously and adapting to change."

Yetnebersh Nigussie, Children with Disabilities Program Specialist at UNICEF

Where research meets changemakers - for a world with zero barriers

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The Zero Project's mission is to find and share solutions that create a world with zero barriers. Innovative solutions from around the world, which are identified in a thorough peer-reviewed research process, are made visible to a global network of experts, decision-makers, opinion leaders, and other changemakers. By fostering close collaboration between all parts of this global network, the impact of solutions can be amplified and replicated elsewhere.

The Zero Project believes that it is this diversity in relationships that makes the Zero Project Network unique and effective:

Cross-sectoral impact of inclusive solutions, global knowledge transfer, and the engagement of decision-makers with experts to effectively steer inclusion in our society, are just some examples of how the Zero Project Network actively helps to remove barriers.


Connecting people for a world with zero barriers


Implementing proven solutions elsewhere


Enabling innovations to increase their reach


Sharing knowledge, creating visibility

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Global and local collaboration

The Zero Project engages with and supports the global Network in many different ways. Here are some examples of how the Zero Project engages with different partner organizations and experts.

  • Outstanding solutions to remove barriers

    Zero Project Awardees

  • The flagship event in the UN-premises in Vienna

    Zero Project Conference

  • Conference for the Spanish speaking community

    ZeroCon Latin America

  • Supporting Awardees to start in other countries

    Impact Transfer

  • Activities in the home country of the Essl Foundation

    Zero Project Austria

  • Fundación Descúbreme and its portfolio of activities

    Zero Project Latin America

  • Network partners that have signed an MoU

    Memoranda of Understanding

  • Award of honor to key supporters

    Zero Project Ambassadors

  • Financial supporters of the Zero Project


  • The U.N. in Vienna as a host and partner

    United Nations in Vienna

  • Ambassadors for Inclusion and Accessibility

    Ambassador Circle

  • Proud member of the global campaign


  • Invitations for events of the network partners

    Congresses and presentations

  • Jointly organizing online events with the Network

    Joint webinars

  • Building a network of innnovators and NGOs

    Asia network

  • Engaging with the Network: Nominating solutions


  • Engaging with the Network: Peer-Reviewing solutions


  • Engaging with the Network: Voting for the Awards


  • Search 700+ Zero Project Awardees since 2013

    Zero Project Database

  • All videos of the Zero Project and its Awardees

    Zero Project Videos

  • Find the Zero Project on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

    Social Media

  • The Award of Pacto de Accessibilidad for Latin America

    ICT–Innovation for Inclusion

  • Selection of outstanding IT-innovators and start-ups

    Tech Leaders Group

  • Leaders in accessible and inclusive IT from Austria

    Austrian IT-Innovators

  • Host of the annual Parliament event in Vienna

    Austrian Parliament

  • Partnership supporting the Conference and IT-innovators

    Unicredit - Bank Austria

  • Partnership with the Vienna Business Agency

    Discover Vienna

  • Connecting Awardees with Austrian stakeholders

    Go Austria

  • Conference series in Austrian country states

    Business Dialogues Austria

  • Newspaper supplement and entrepreneur award

    "Die Presse" initiative

  • Supporting accessibility and inclusion projects for museums

    Arts and Culture

  • Accessible monument symbolizing hope in pandemic times

    Corona Memorial of Hope

  • The book on the impact of the Zero Project

    Zero Project Almanac

  • The annual resesarch summary of the Zero Project

    Zero Project Report

  • The new publication both text-based and as a podcast

    Explaining the Basics

  • United Nations Economic and Social Council

    Consultative Status with ECOSOC

  • Alliance addressing data biases built into AI Recruitment tools

    Disability Ethical? AI

For commentaries, impact stories and contributions from the Zero Project Network, consult our annual reports and the Zero Project Almanac:

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