Portable screen-reader, free of charge by NV Access Limited

NVDA is a free, fully functional, portable screen reader for Microsoft Windows that allows blind and vision-impaired persons across the world access to computers at no greater cost than their sighted peers.


Web-based route planner by BIS Barriere Informations System

The online route-planning tool allows wheelchair users to plan their way through the city. Both official data and community-generated information are combined to suggest a real-time route to the user.

Accessible travel on public transport in Austria by FH JOANNEUM GmbH

The ways4all project facilitates the use of public transport for persons with special needs, especially blind people. The result is an accessible application for mobile devices that combines indoor and outdoor navigation, traffic information, communication with public transport services, and intuitive operation.

Consultancy for accessible working environments by easy entrance GmbH

easy entrance develops workable, realistic and cost-efficient solutions that enable companies and organisations to create accessible work environments. Sustainable solutions are jointly developed on the conceptual basis of ‘accessibility’ and ‘design for all’. and to cooperate with scientists. Together with research institutes they develop products which help to overcome digital barriers.


European standards for easy-to-read information by Inclusion Europe aisbl

By promoting Europe-wide quality standards for accessible information for persons with intellectual disabilities, this innovative practice helps to create a solid framework for improving the access of persons with intellectual disabilities to information in line with Articles 9 and 21 of the UNCRPD.

Enabling access to various events by Intro vzw

Intro vzw makes all kinds of events accessible to persons with disabilities. It offers solutions to practical problems and provides services for event organisers and for persons with disabilities who attend the events.


Cultural inclusion through accessible theatre by Escola de Gente

Escola de Gente created a theatre project that works on the full inclusion of persons with disabilities not only by enabling them to visit and enjoy theatre, but also by actively participating in creating an inclusive culture by publishing all kind of accessible material and advocating for an inclusive education system.


Customising health solutions by Corporación CETRAM

CETRAM is a community-based organisation which helps to find personalised solutions for individual needs in regard to wellness and health. It offers technical aids and assistive technology at low cost at home.


Digital inclusion kit for persons with disabilities by Diseño Universal Tecnoayudas, Corporación Discapacidad

The digital inclusion kit transforms conventional digital classrooms (existing and new) located in educational institutions (schools, telecentres, etc.) into technologically accessible spaces. In addition to providing accessible technologies, teachers and other staff are trained in the pedagogical strategies based on ICT.


The most accessible office building in the by DPOD

‘The most accessible and inclusive office building in the whole world’ – a showcase from Denmark of the fact that it is possible to build a 100% accessible office building at a price that does not exceed the cost of an average building built by public authorities.


El Salvador


Higher education accessible in Tallinn by Tallinn University of Technology

Former students with disabilities are working at the Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) as counsellors for freshmen and other students. They also give advice to the university on accessible, universally designed environments in order to provide higher education irrespective of disabilities.



Oral communication made fully accessible by SCOP Le Messageur

All aspects of oral communication in daily life are made accessible. Furthermore SCOP Le Messageur offers transcription services for events, meetings, conferences, congresses, cultural events etc. with the transcriber on site or working remotely via the internet.

Service provider for accessible phone calls by Delta Process

Acceo offers telephone services to enable conversations between persons with hearing impairments and hearing persons. Registered companies can provide a new dimension in customer service by enabling communication with the hearing impaired.


Technology and services for hearing impaired by VerbaVoice GmbH

VerbaVoice offers an innovative online interpreting technology as well as full services for deaf and hard of hearing people: enabling students to equally participate in class; accessible events with captions, interpreting and live-stream.

Cooperation reduces (digital) complexity by In der Gemeinde leben gGmbH

The PIKSL laboratory aims to empower persons with intellectual disabilities to teach the use of PC and internet to the elderly and to cooperate with scientists. Together with research institutes they develop products which help to overcome digital barriers.



Staying away from home in a non-clinical setting by Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

The Home from Home Apartment offers fully accessible accommodation with aids and appliances to persons with physical and sensory disabilities and their families. It offers independent living in a non-clinical setting for short breaks and general health appointments in Dublin.


Macedonia (FYROM)




Everybody is welcome in an accessible hotel by Scandic Hotels

Scandic has taken on the challenge to include accessibility in everything they do. When designing rooms for persons with disabilities, Scandic ensure that they are as well-designed as any other room, with practical solutions that go almost unnoticed, except by those who really need them.




One-stop-shop for accessibility technologies in Qatar by Mada

Mada, a public-private partnership in Qatar, is a one-stop-shop for all accessibility technologies for persons with disabilities. It offers direct services, works on website accessibility certificates and establishes a library of accessible books. Currently it is beginning to influence regional services in other Arabic-speaking countries.


Certification scheme for Universal Design by Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

The BCA Universal Design Mark (UD Mark) accords recognition to the building owners and designers who go beyond the code compliance to create user-friendly buildings. It allows assessment of projects at design stage, thereby facilitating the incorporation of UD principles from the onset of project development.

South Africa

Fighting unemployment in poverty-stricken areas by ATHENA – Private FET College

ATHENA is a mobile Further Education and Training (FET) College which provides free ‘learnerships’ to persons with disabilities in poverty-stricken rural areas. Young people with disabilities gain initial work experience while studying towards a nationally recognised qualification.


Flagging accessible cities and towns by Design For All Foundation

The Network facilitates knowledge-sharing about improving the quality of life in urban centres around the world. Representatives from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors are invited to share good practices on the website. The ‘Flag of Towns and Cities for All’ is a quality mark awarded to municipalities.


Everybody is welcome in an accessible hotel by Scandic Hotels

Scandic has taken on the challenge to include accessibility in everything they do. When designing rooms for persons with disabilities, Scandic ensure that they are as well-designed as any other room, with practical solutions that go almost unnoticed, except by those who really need them.


Airport accessibility for everyone by TAV Istanbul

The Atatürk Airport Istanbul was made accessible through a holistic approach: tactile surfaces added; sanitary facilities renovated; induction loop systems implemented. Strong emphasis was laid on the training of the airport employees.


United Kingdom

Haptic and tactile museum experience by Manchester Museum

Creation of a haptic computer technology which enables blind and visually impaired museum visitors to ‘touch’ 3-D scans of museum artefacts. The objects have been digitised and are presented with multimedia information support.

Banking made accessible – talking ATMs by Barclays Bank PLC

Audio-enabled ATMs (cash machines) offer independent use of banking services for blind and partially sighted persons. The success of Barclays’ Talking ATMs has led to the development of other accessible services, aspiring to make banking accessible to all.

Accessible and spacious toilets in public places by Changing Places Consortium

A Changing Places toilet provides equipment, space and facilities (including hoist and adult-sized changing bench) for persons with disabilities who need assistance and cannot use standard accessible toilets. Changing Places toilets should be provided in addition to standard accessible toilets.

How to help everyone understand complicated ideas by Inspired Services Publishing

People with intellectual disabilities work at and run the organisation Inspired Services. They adapt a variety of information for different organisations in any format: EasyRead, photostory, video and others. Their unique skill: explaining the complicated for everyone to understand.

United States

"Mountainbike-Wheelchair" for rough terrain by GRIT

The Leveraged Freedom Chair is designed to enable wheelchair users in developing countries to travel effectively on unpaved surfaces and, therefore, access and integrate with their community.

Inclusive art education at the MoMA, New York by The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA

MoMA has won international respect for their unique efforts to make their extensive resources, collection and programs accessible to visitors with disabilities. Training on inclusive arts education is given to external institutions worldwide and disability awareness and equality training is delivered in-house.