Our mission is working for a world with zero barriers. Worldwide, the Zero Project finds and shares models that improve the daily lives and legal rights of all persons with disabilities. The focus of the year 2014 is accessibility.

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Convention indicators

The 20 indicators from the „Convention Questionnaire“ measure the implementation of some of the most important rights (articles) of the UN CRPD. Analyse the answers of experts in currently 132 countries, shown on world maps.

Accessibility indicators

The 12 indicators in this section measure specifically the implementation of the Articles of the UN CRPD that are related with accessibility;  including physical, technological, information and communication, economic and social accessibility.

Innovative Practices

In 2013/14, the worldwide network of experts nominated and selected the most outstanding Innovative Practices in the field of accessibility. In this section factsheets of these Innovative Practices are presented and can be researched by keywords, tags, topic etc.

Innovative Policies

In 2013/14 the Zero Project network of experts has also nominated and selected 15 outstanding Innovative Policies worldwide in the field of accessibility. Find and research those regulations, laws, programmes etc. in this section.