Our mission is working for a world with zero barriers. Worldwide, the Zero Project finds and shares models that improve the daily lives and legal rights of all persons with disabilities.

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A Concluding Report from Quito, Ecuador

The Zero Project participates in “INCLUSION” Aerial Human Art, attends the Persons with Disabilities Stakeholders Roundtable and presents at a side event organized by the World Future Council…

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Innovative Practice 2016: POETA accessible vocational toolbox for training people with disabilities

The POETA Social Franchise Platform is an accessible online tool focused on building the capacities of local organizations working with people with disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Innovative Practice 2015: Microboards

Bree-Anna RobertsonA Canadian daily newspaper dedicated recently a story to Bree-Anna Robertson, whose  family and several friends, created a Microboard just for her! In 2015, Microboards, or small non-profits for supported decision-making, were recognised as one of our Innovative Practices 2015. Read the news story!

Innovative Policy 2016: Inclusive Education in post-war instability

© Charlotte Curd Fairfax NZA New Zealand daily newspaper dedicated recently a story to Dr Karen Khayat and her work on inclusive education in Iraq! The Iraqi Kurdistan’s Inclusive Education Programme of 2007 was recognised as one of our 12 Innovative Polices 2016. Read the news story!

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Question 10. Do companies provide equal opportunities to employers with disabilities?

mapDoes the state oblige employers to take the necessary action on accommodations made in the work place for all employees with disabilities?

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How personal assistance budget works


Personal assistance budgets are a completely different approach to providing services. Learn more by reading about Sweden or Belgium‘s policies hereon.

Quotation of the month

“A pupil no longer has a problem, but a solution!”

Tom DE MOOR IT Manager of VCLB in Gent/Belgium

«Living without Limit’, though a young programme, is a milestone for the political landscape of persons with disabilities at the federal level of Brazil..»

Moisés BAUERPresident of CONADELearn more

“Dream, create, let actions follow and inspire!”

Ervin ROGRIGUEZHead of Project at ASOPIECAD in Nicaragua

«Inclusive companies that provide real opportunities, decent work, and development for people with disabilities provide an important contribution to the welfare and prosperity of our country..»

Alfredo Hasbum CAMACHOCosta Rican Vice Minister of Work and Social SecurityLearn more
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