Call for Nominations 2015 - Independent Living and Political Participation

Call for Nominations GAATES - Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction


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Zero Project goes New York - Conference of States Parties

June 2014: Zero Project at the Maputo Review Conference

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Presentations at the Zero Project Conference

Alburquerque, Daniela_Chile_CETRAM (pdf, english)

Allen, Chan_Hong Kong’s Retrofitting Programme (ppt, english)

Aragall, Francesc_Spain_Design_for_All_Foundation (pdf, english)

Atkinson, Virginia_USA_IFES (pdf, english)

Banes, David, Mada Center; E-Accessibility Policy of Qatar (pdf, english)

Berglund, Magnus_Sweden_Scandic Hotels (pdf, english)

Berninger, Barbara_Germany_City of Berlin (ppt, english)

Bischof, Werner_Austria_FH Joanneum (pdf, english)

Blazquez, Javier_Spain_Amovil (pdf, english)

Buckley Barry_Ireland_MDI (ppt, english)

Burns, Joyce_UK_Changing Places (pdf, english)

Carey, Kevin_UK_Importance of Regulation, UK Television (pdf, english)

Chan Wai_UK_City Bridge Trust_Accessible Buildings (ppt, english)

Clarke, Madeleine_Ireland_Genio_Benefits and challenges of PPP (pdf, english)

Craddock G_Hubbard J_Ireland’s Standard SWiFT 9 Universal Design for Energy Suppliers (ppt, english)

Dalilah Bee Abdullah_Malaysia_Access Auditing under the Accessibility Action Plan of 2010a (pdf, english)

Davies, Guy_South Africa_MyCiTi (ppt, english)

Davies, Guy_South Africa_What is Accessibility (ppt, english)

Fernandez, Sergio_Spain_EMT cutting edge technology (pdf, english)

Fembek; Heindorf; Arroyo de Sande; Zero Project: The results of the Zero Project Report 2014 (ppt, english)

Fuerst, Elmar, Vogelauer, Christian_Austria_MoViH (pdf, english)

Gaspari, Alexandra_Switzerland_International Telecommunications Union (ITU) I (pdf, english)

Gaspari, Alexandra_Switzerland_International Telecommunications Union (ITU) II (pdf, english)

Gimenes, Isabel_Brazil_RIOinclui_Housing and access (pdf, english)

Goh SI_Singapore BCA UD Mark (pdf, english)

Gould, Martin_USA_G3ict_Advancing ICT Accessibility Through Public Policy (pdf, english)

Grenner, Gerd_Germany_City of Berlin (ppt, english)

Hernandez Galan, Jesus_Spain_ONCE Foundation (ppt, english)

Hincapie, Gustavo_Colombia_Digital Inclusion Kit (ppt, english)

Hoeckner, Klaus_Austria_MathinBraille (pdf, english)

Holman, Andrew_UK_Inspired Services (pdf, english)

Jarmer, Helene_Austria_RelayService (pdf, english)

Klenovec_Austria_Vienna University of Technology (pdf, english)

Körnung, Kristina_Sweden_City of Gothenburg accessibility 2014 (ppt, english)

Kósa, Ádám MEP_Belgium_Disability Intergroup

Kose Satoshi_Japan_Shizuoka University of Art and Culture (pdf, english)

Krall, Rotraut_Austria_Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (pdf, english)

Krauthausen, Raul_Germany_wheelmap (pdf, english)

Lazovski, V._Blagojevic, T._Macedonia_Serbia_E-accessible education (pdf, english)

Le Goaller, Jean Luc_France_SCOP Le Messageur (ppt, english)

Letavayova, Petra_Belgium_Inclusion Europe (pdf, english)

McGee, Carrie_USA_Access Programs MoMA (pdf, english)

McKay, Rosemary_Australia_Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (ppt, english)

Milbradt, Peter_Austria_easy entrance (ppt, english)

Molla, Yetnebersh_Ethiopia_Center for Disability and Development (ppt, english)

Nachtrab, Michaela_Germany_VerbaVoice (pdf, english)

Neiva, Miguel_Portugal_ColorADD (pdf, english)

Neuschmid, Julia_Austria_CEIT Alanova_AccessibleMap (pdf, english)

Papamichail_Greece_ENAT_Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games (pdf, english)

Pescod, Dan_UK_RNIB World Blind Union (pdf, english)

Placencia-Porrero, I._Belgium_EC DG Justice_Antidiscrimination+Procurement (pdf, english)

Placencia-Porrero, I._Belgium_European Commission DG Justice_Accessibility Concept

Redavide, Alessandro_Italy_TURISMABILE (pdf, english)

Reichl, Tanja_Austria_Hörwelt_AppHear (pdf, english)

Reynette, Francoise_France_Artesens (pdf, english)

Schauer, Erwin_Austria_Bank Austria_Accessibility of Bank Services (pdf, english)

Scott-Parker, Susan_Business Disability Forum

Sindall, David_UK_Stations made easy_ATOC (pdf, english)

Sportun, Sam_UK_Manchester Museum (pdf, english)

Sunarman Sukamto_Indonesia_Solo City

Temur, Barış & Gürer, Emrah_Turkey_Airport_TAV ISTANBUL

Thygesen, Steen _Denmark_Specialist People Foundation (pdf, english)

Todd, Mark_UK_Olympic Games London 2012 (pdf, english)

Torena, Roberto_Spain_ONCE Foundation (pdf, english)

Torre, Mari_Mauri,Cesar_Spain_Aspacenet (pdf, english)

Townsend, Kathryn_UK_Barclays Bank (pdf, english)

Vegheim Berit_Norway_Policy Anti Discrimination (pdf, english)

Vujacic Marina_Montenegro_UMHCG (pdf, english)

Werneck Claudia_Brazil_Accessible Theater (pdf, english)

Yde Fanny_Belgium_Intro vzw (ppt, english)

Fact Sheets of Innovative Practices and Innovative Policies

Innovative Policies 2014

Australia: Development aid as key enabler for accessibility

China: Hong Kong’s retrofitting and access coordinator programme

Colombia: Internet for 500,000 disadvantaged Colombians

Germany: Mandatory barrier free construction in Berlin

India: Copyright exception for accessible formats

Solo City (Indonesia): Access to transport that can be enforced

Ireland: Accessible service for energy customers

Japan: Cheaper mortgages for accessible homes

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): Monitoring and enforcing accessibility

Norway: Universal design in non-discrimination law

Qatar: Comprehensive eAccessibility Policy

South Africa: Inclusive design of Cape Town’s Bus System

Spain: Public-private partnership for accessibility

Uganda: Mandatory accessibility standards

London 2012 (United Kingdom): The most inclusive Olympics and Paralympics ever

Innovative Practices 2014

Australia_NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access)



Austria_ÖZIV access

Austria_MoVih – mobility in public transport


Austria_Easy entrance

Austria_Barrierefreie Bank





Brazil_Escola de Gente

Belgium_Intro vzw

Belgium_Inclusion Europe aisbl

Colombia_Digital inclusion kit


Denmark_Most accessible offi ce

Ethiopia_Guide to accessible Ethiopia

Estonia_Accessible TUT

France_SCOP Le Messageur






India_eSpeak Text to Speech Engine

Ireland_Home from home apartment

Japan_Evacuation manual in DAISY

Macedonia_E-accessible education

Mexico_Accessibility guide for workplaces

Montenegro_Accessible transport

Norway_Scandic Hotels



Singapore_BCA Universal Design (UD) Mark

South Africa_ATHENA

Spain_Towns and Cities for All

Spain_EMT Madrid