This time next week we’ll be well underway with #ZeroCon18! And we still have so much to tell you before that. Here’s part 3 of the blog telling you all about some of the themes being presented at the conference.

Subtitling and captioning

A man with visual impairments using the phone application and his white cane in the shopping centre.

Audio description of movies with “My Dream Companion”

Many innovations help give persons with disabilities get the most from their cinema or theatre visit by a range of inventive techniques. Visually impaired persons in Turkey can benefit from audio description of the film through the “My Dream Companion” app, while visually or hearing-impaired persons can enjoy Broadway shows thanks to a captioning, dubbing and more with GalaPro. In Colombia, two innovative projects are making communication easier: The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is spearheading a whole raft of accessibility features in cinemas, such as sign language and audio description through “Cine para Todos”, while FENASCOL provides free phone translation “relay” services for hearing impaired persons.

The parallel session on Subtitling and Captioning at the Zero Project Conference takes place on Thursday 22nd February at 13:40 CET.

Inclusive Playgrounds

Two children playing at a raised sand pit. One lying against a specially designed wooden board to allow him to easily play

Inclusive play equipment from MagikMe

A small but dedicated group of innovators are making sure that opportunities for play are inclusive. In Hungary, children can benefit from inclusive playground equipment thanks to MagikMe and in the city of Ra’anana, Israel, children can use country’s first accessible and inclusive playground “Friendship Park”.

The parallel session on inclusive playgrounds takes place on Friday 23rd February at 10:20 CET.

Inclusive Humanitarian Aid

Three young women carrying a woman.

Inclusive evacuation in Aceh, Indonesia

How do you make humanitarian aid accessible? That’s the difficult question that some incredible projects are trying to answer. ADRAD are acting as a catalyst to built new accessible buildings in the 14 areas most affected by earthquake in Nepal,  and FKM BKA are practicing inclusive evacuation strategies following tsunamis and volcanos in Indonesia. These projects certainly have to think “outside the box”.

The parallel session on inclusive humanitarian aid takes place on Thursday 22nd February at 10:50 CET.