Voting Policies and Procedures

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The Convention underlines that voting procedures, facilities and materials should be appropriate, accessible, and easy to understand and use for all, especially, persons with disabilities. We welcome nominations making voting accessible.

Voting for persons with disabilities remains as a challenge despite existing laws. Different aspects such as inaccessible voting places, lack of technological innovations, and the perception that people with disabilities have no capacity to make sound decisions, create barriers for an inclusive voting process.

IFES, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, an international, non-profit organization based in the US, highlights four mutually supportive strategies to support inclusive electoral and political processes through empowerment of person with disabilities, supporting government institutions, inclusion of DPO partners in coalitions and assisting political parties in conducting outreach to persons with disabilities.

In addition, election management bodies are expected to be knowledgeable in handling voters with disabilities as well as ensuring that their votes are accounted for.

Nominations shall not contain:

  • Projects on non-inclusive political models
  • Projects that do not respect the rights of persons with disabilities
  • Projects that stick with traditional consultation process and policies
  • Project that are discriminatory towards other disabilities 

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