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Supported Living enables persons with disabilities to live in their communities of choice, with the support they need to participate in every-day life. This includes living in their own homes, working, and community activities.

Supported living enables persons with disabilities to:

live in their local communities as equal citizens, with the support that they need to participate in every-day life (Source: ENIL)

This includes ensuring that persons with disabilities have access to diverse alternatives for supported living as well as to all services within their community, to the same extent as any other citizen.

The UN CRPD refers to the goal of "living and inclusion in the community" as one of the basic principles of Independent Living, which is about having choice and control over one's own life.

It is essential to ensure that inclusion and living in the community is the ultimate focus and is enabled by all the deinstitutionalization measures that are taken. For this purpose, a checklist for EU funds has been defined to be allocated towards such projects.

Nominations shall not contain:

  • Support services that take away choice and control from users.
  • Projects that do not foster community living, or promote segregation.
  • Purely accessibility projects that do not specifically enable supported living in the community.

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