Political Leadership/Self-Representation

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Persons with disabilities need adequate political representation on community, state, and federal level in political parties as well as in political, public, and private institutions in order to bring their issues to the frontline.

The most adequate person to implement the rights and needs of persons with disabilities are persons with disabilities themselves. Therefore, having more persons with disabilities in different pillars of public office creates opportunity to discuss issues toward inclusive policies that changes the landscape of decision-making.

This relates to local, state and federal public offices in all countries. Currently, there are only a few public officials who have self-declared disabilities. Moreover, there are very few women with disability who have been elected to public office.

Nominations shall not contain:

  • Policies and practices that give opportunities for persons with disabilities to run for a public position.
  • Civil societies effort to ensure that persons with disabilities have seats in public offices.
  • Policies and practices to empower women with disabilities in government
  • Inclusive programs and strategies of CSOs that cuts across issues relevant to persons with disabilities.

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