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Personal Assistance provides support services based on a needs assessment. Choice and control over one’s own personal assistance allows for empowerment and inclusion. We welcome various service models, including personal budgets.

Personal Assistance allows persons with disabilities to freely choose and hire another person as a support to live independently and contribute to his/her community.

This key tool for independent living should be recognized as a right rather than a need as it empowers the right to choose and control over all details of personal assistance as an employer. Current common practices such as eligibility criteria and cost cutting measures, leading to reduced support hours, are only some of the obstacles when implementing personal assistance.

There is also a need to ensure an easy appeal of assessment outcomes, and proper working conditions for personal assistants. Personal Assistance Budget is one of the elements that allow persons with disabilities to hire independently according to their needs.

Nominations shall not contain:

  • Support services in general
  • Personal assistance with no control or choice by user
  • Support services without human assistance (which belong to the subtopic of assistive technology)

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