The cover of the Zero Project Report and two pages - one showing a coloured map with regions of the world and the other showing a large block of text

We are excited to present you with the Zero Project Report 2018 on the topic of Accessibility. The report is the culmination of a whole year of research into accessibility-related issues, including the state of the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) around the world and innovations that help make everything more accessible for persons with disabilities.


  • 68 Innovative Practices – The report presents the projects, programmes, products and services which made it through the long and detailed research, nomination and voting process, which help accessibility in many aspects of life, including the built environment, ICT, humanitarian aid, disaster relief and more.
  • 15 Innovative Policies – Innovative laws, regulations and standards from the same nomination and voting process are also presented – Showing how government bodies and international standards organisations are setting the framework for an accessible environment.
  • 37 Life Stories – The actual impact on the ground is presented through the eyes of the beneficiaries. 37 people tell their personal stories of how the Innovative Practices and Innovative Policies have made a measurable improvement on their day-to-day lives.
  • Social Indicators – The report gives an update on the implementation of the UN CRPD, looking specifically at accessibility-related themes. It presents the results of surveys from 126 experts from 105 countries, presented on a region basis, and with snap-shot statements from specific countries.

You can view and download a pdf copy of the report by visiting the links in this article or by visiting the download section of the website.