The Zero Project has published its current research on employment and vocational education & training: 56 Innovative Practices and 11 Innovative Policies have been given awards as Innovative Practices and Innovative Policies of the Zero Project 2017. In addition, Zero Project Social Indicators measure the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) in 120 countries, with a focus on employment (as defined in Article 27)

The Zero Project has started its second four-year research cycle and revisits employment – first covered in 2013. 260 practices and 48 policies were nominated by the Zero Project network of 3,000 experts, both with and without disabilities. Network members were also involved in evaluating, shortlisting, and voting for the most outstanding models using the criteria of innovation, impact and scalability. All Innovative Practices and Innovative Policies are now fully searchable, as is the project’s full database, using the new search algorithm on the Zero Project website –

The Zero Project Report also includes Social Indicators that measure the implementation of the UN CRPD in 120 countries, using a survey that was completed by experts, both with and without disabilities, from the partner networks of DPI, World Federation of the Deaf, World Blind Union, and EASPD. The Social Indicators paint quite bleak pictures, especially when it comes to the availability of data regarding the employment of persons with disabilities. They do, however, also highlight some notable exceptions.

The Social Indicators cover, in addition, Goal 8 of the SDGs: the survey asked about the availability of data regarding employment of young people with disabilities, and about data on people living in institutions.

The Zero Project Report can be downloaded here.

Most of the award winners will be present at the Zero Project Conference 2017 to receive their awards personally. The Zero Project Conference can be viewed on a live-webstream and there are several other accessibility features. Details will be announced soon.

Contact information:
Dr. Michael Fembek
Zero Project, Director
Essl Foundation
c/o Haus der Philantropie
Schottenring 16/3
A-1010 Vienna, Austria

Download the full press release: Zero Project Report 2017 out now and available for download (English, MS Word)