The Zero Project and the Delegation of Austria cordially invite you to their Side Event at the Third Review Conference of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention:

Removing barriers to accessibility – a key component

of a rights-based approach to victim assistance and disability: How to effectively advance its implementation?



June 24th, 2014, 12 – 2 p.m.

Side Event Room 2, Girassol Indy Congress Conference Centre
Maputo, Mozambique


This side event, organized by Austria, the Essl Foundation and the World Future Council, aims to raise awareness among stakeholders about the importance of adopting and implementing accessibility practices and policies to remove physical, communication, technology, organizational and attitudinal barriers for persons with disabilities, including mine and ERW survivors, to ensure their freedom in movement and access to services and their right to a life in dignity. The event will discuss good practices and promote closer collaboration among stakeholders, in order to implement victim assistance and human rights norms and commitments in a holistic and effective way.

Ingrid Heindorf, from the Zero Project’s Geneva team, will present the Zero Project Report 2014 and in particular, highlight the outstanding Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices on Accessibility.

Please find our flyer here

Download the Maputo Review Conference Programme and Side Events


Note that all attendees of the Side Event have to be registered with the United Nations in Geneva for the Third Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty.