Picture of 2017-18 Zero Project Impact Transfer participants at Zero Conference 2018

Zero Project Impact Transfer

Great business ideas go global to serve customers around the world. By contrast, such market forces are not often at work in the social sector. Social innovation too often remains local or national. Although many of the ideas and the entrepreneurs behind them have the potential for global spread, the social sector still lacks a process that focuses specifically on the global scope of change and the resources and mechanisms necessary for globalizing an idea successfully.

This is where the Zero Project meets Ashoka – the network of the world´s leading social entrepreneurs. The Essl Foundation and Ashoka join forces to initiate the first Impact Transfer to globalize the most innovative disability solutions for a barrier-free world.

With its Conference, Report and Awards, the Zero Project disseminates and promotes replicable and innovative solutions that have overcome the problems people with disabilities face, by raising public awareness of the issues and stimulating reform, thereby acting as a catalyst for a world without barriers.

Now comes the next step: Zero Project and Ashoka join forces to set up the world´s first global Impact Transfer for the world’s most innovative solutions to bring down barriers for disabled people.

Overview of the supported projects in 2017/2018

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