This month’ issue of the United Nations Enable newsletter covers the ‪‎Zero Report and Conference 2016‬:

„Zero Project 2016 – Report and Conference
This year´s Zero Project Report 2016 gathered valuable data on the situation of persons with disabilities. Looking at 30 social indicators, the report provides a detailed picture of the implementation of the CRPD in 129 countries. Moreover, more than 3,000 people participated in the nomination of Innovative Practices and Policies. The Zero Project Conference 2016, convened by the Essl Foundation, the World Future Council and the European Foundation Centre at the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria was held from 10-12 February 2016 and highlighted 98 Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices concerning Inclusive Education and/or ICTs from around the world. The Conference included 35 plenary sessions and workshops, and also an exhibition. More than 500 innovators from more than 70 countries attended. Download the Zero Project Report 2016. The theme of the 2017 report and conference will be employment that also calls for nominations.“

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