Zero Project Conference 2018:
Innovative Policies and Practices

A panel of experts presenting at the Zero Project

A panel of experts presenting at the Zero Project Conference

The Zero Project Conference 2018, convened by the Essl Foundation, at the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria was held from 21-23rd February 2018 and highlighted 83 Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices concerning Accessibility from around the world in plenary sessions and workshops, forums, plus an exhibition and accessibility trail.

Our expanding network, now of several thousand people, has, as usual, been involved in the nomination and selection of 2018 innovative practices and policies in the field. The Zero Project Conference 2018, centered around the solutions and methodologies they offer, saught to connect invitees from many different sectors of society so that they could share and discuss ideas and concepts that really work. And, thereby, in a joint effort, help support the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, worldwide.

In addition to being composed of a network of different sectors of society working towards a world without barriers, read here, what accessibility features the Zero Project realized at the Zero Project Conference 2018. Zero Project Conference – 22 acccessibility features


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