After a record-breaking nomination and selection process, over 80 Innovative Practices and Policies have been selected as 2020 Zero Project Awardees!

We are undergoing the final final fact-checking on the selected projects, and will then spend the next few months working with the organisations to write up their inspiring projects and prepare them for the Zero Project Conference 2020. The awardees have been informed already, but unfortunately we will not be releasing the names of the winners until January, once all checks have been completed and their project “factsheets” will be published on our website. Thanks for being patient! However, we can tell you a little about this record-breaking year and how the process has worked this time round.

Way back in June, you may remember we received an incredible 468 nominations from 106 countries. To put that in perspective, last time we looked at education, in 2016, we received 258 nominations from 58 countries.

Next, across August and September, we enlisted members with and without disabilities in the Zero Project network to support us in selecting which projects should be awarded. Over 500 experts from 99 countries answered the call and took time out of their busy schedules to read and comment on the nominations put before them. This resulted in a tough selection process where projects were ranked using more than 4,000 individual scores and over 1,900 personal comments, plus taking into account a regional and topic-focus. The result is a preliminary selection of over 80 Innovative Practices and Policies from 49 countries.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in this complex and demanding process. We appreciate the time and effort that so many dedicated friends and partners of the Zero Project have provided for free over the last few months to support us. The Zero Project wouldn’t exist without you!