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Visiting a very special family in Japan

Takumi Nagoya (center) with her father and mother, Amelie Saupe (Zero Project)

Also in Tokyo and Ushiku preparations for the 2015 Zero Project conference are in full speed. On Wednesday 11th February Amelie Saupe, Zero Project, Nagase Osamu, Inclusion International and Hitomi Sugiura, Tokyo Advocacy Law Office went to Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, to meet Takumi Nagoya. Thanks to her successful court case in 2013 at the Tokyo District Court more than 136,000 persons under guardianship are now enfranchised to vote. To read more about this specific policy: http://zeroproject.org/policy/japan-2

Meeting Takumi and her 82 year old father, mother and 3 sisters was great. Since Takumi will not be able to join her sisters and her father on their journey to Vienna at the end of this month, we got the chance to record a short video message so she can at least have a voice during the conference.

Familie Nagoya (Japan)

Familie Nagoya (Japan)