This year, UNICEF and GAATES (Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments) are working together to prioritize the rights and needs of children with disabilities, including their rights to Accessible Education.

To support children with disabilities to participate in their communities and go to school, UNICEF and GAATES are developing a series of information booklets that provide the knowledge and tools to improve accessibility in schools and communities, as well as innovative examples that have been implemented around the world.

In addition, as reaching the school from home can often be a challenge and requires a more comprehensive view on access, UNICEF with support from GAATES is developing a product guide of assistive products and technologies. The guide will categorize assistive technology needs into five disability groups: mobility, vision, hearing, communication and cognition. It will be the first of its kind for UNICEF and will be accessible by any individual or organization seeking information on AT products on the market. The guide is based on evidence from all over the world on the products that support and enable children to excel, particularly in educational settings, and that are suited especially for use in low-resource settings – we look much forward to the results!

If you want to know more about UNICEF’s work on supplies for children with disabilities, visit: and about GAATES, visit their website: and do not forget to sign up to their fantastic Global Accessibility Newsletter (GAN)