Exactly five years ago the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities entered into force.

A lot has been achieved already. For example, in all surveyed EU countries now legislation is in place and covers all newly constructed buildings to which there is public access and all disabilities. Browse through our Indicator results to know more!

Many innovative initiatives exist. For example, the Business Disability Forum, who has some 350 members who employ nearly 20% of the UK workforce, helps to build “disabilitysmart” companies supported by a network of outstanding disabled opinion leaders as expert advisors and ambassadors. Browse through our Innovative Practices!

There are some outstanding policies, too. For example, Sweden is one of the few countries which legally entitle persons with extensive disabilities to cash payments for the purchase of self-directed personal assistance services. Find out more about our Innovative Policies!

Help us to spread these innovative practices and policies because: A lot remains to be done!


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