Last week, the Zero Project presented its work at a three-day UN Forum in Nairobi (Kenya) on disability inclusion and accessible urban development.

We already informed you about this event two weeks ago. During the Forum, experts from around the world presented different ways to ensure that the world’s urban development agenda will be inclusive of and accessible to persons with disabilities.

When focusing on accessibility in 2014, the Zero Project had identified a total of 69 innovative solutions for moving towards a universally accessible built environment, transportation, ICT and services. At the forum Dr. Michael Fembek, Zero Project’s Director, presented in particular promising Innovative Practices and Policies advancing accessible urban transportation. One of them is, for instance, the first universally accessible Bus Rapid Transit system in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Accessible transport is key to an inclusive urban development. It is vital for everyone, not just persons with disabilities. You use it when going to hospital, school, and employment. Comprehensive long-term and multi-level efforts are required,” says Dr Fembek.

You can find many more solutions on this website, have a look around our different databases and indicators. You can find the full press release concerning the Forum in Nairobi in our downloads section, along with all our reports, or directly by following this link.
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