The United Nations headquarters tower in New York with country flags waving in front

We at the Zero Project were delighted to hear the commitment of the UN Secretary General António Guterres to raise the standards of the UN’s performance on disability inclusion. The announcement came at the Conference of State Parties in June 2019 in New York. Martin Essl, founder of the Essl Foundation and the Zero Project, has written a letter of support to Mr Guterres, praising this fantastic commitment and offering the support of the Essl Foundation in any way that we are able, to turn this commitment into reality. We will also forward Martin Essl´s letter to the Austrian Permanent Mission at the UN in New York and also ask them to support this honorable mission.

The UN needs more support to create change – so we invite everyone to join in and do the same. Write an email to your country´s  Permanent Mission at the UN in New York, and ask them for their support as well. And share this Call for Action with your peers!