Once Foundation

ONCE Foundation, one of our partners, presented a study measuring the loss in profit in the touristic sector due to lack of accessible transport, infrastructures and services. Conducted by the British University of Surrey, the data lead to the shocking number of 142.000 million Euro loss per annum.

Creating a more inclusive society requires initial investment, in terms of transport and infrastructure. Such studies could help stakeholders to understand the huge economic benefit they could expect from such investment.

Accessibility was our main topic in 2014. We issued a thematic Zero Project Report hereon with numerous Innovative Practices and Policies leading to a more accessible and inclusive society.

For instance, and this is also related to our upcoming report on inclusive education and ICTs, we highlighted a framework agreement ONCE Foundation had signed with the Spanish Ministry of Culture & Education for improving barrier-free access to universities throughout the country.

They also developed Amóvil, an interactive online platform helping people to find compatible and accessible mobile devices.

The full article about the study from the British University of Surrey is available in Spanish on the ONCE Foundation website by following this link.