Logos of TOPHOUSE and the EU, with text: Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European UnionProject TOPHOUSE

TOPHOUSE (Towards Person Centred Housing Services in Europe) is an EU funded project that aims to define, refine and formally establish the competences of professionals in the processes of assessment, housing and support/care provision. The Essl Foundation is part of the TOPHOUSE project.

Effectively assessing someone’s need for housing & support, allocating appropriate housing and ensuring appropriate support from a range of agencies has never been more difficult.

TOPHOUSE provides updated, dedicated staff training to do this job better, along with the means to promote improved inter-agency working to deliver related non-housing support on a person-centred basis. At the same time, the training helps individuals in developing competences that support social diversity and inclusiveness, which is nowadays an increasingly valuable and transversal skill.

TOPHOUSE Report – A Report on Promising Practices in Europe

The TOPHOUSE Report “Including Person-Centered Approaches and User Involvement in Integrated Housing and Support”, coordinated by the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD), is intended to serve as an overview at European level of existing promising practices on integrated housing & support, with a particular focus in four EU countries (Austria, Finland, Ireland and Spain).

To offer an understanding of the situation, the TOPHOUSE Report analyses firstly the concept of Integrated Housing and Support (IHS) and gives a general overview of social housing in Europe. Following, partners of the TOPHOUSE project have produced country reports that picture the current legal and policy framework on IHS, explain how the assessment of need & housing allocation is undertaking in their country and highlight some promising practices covering person-centered and user involvement approaches.

Finally, the TOPHOUSE Report collects a list of promising practices that can inspire others to improve the access to affordable housing schemes for persons with disabilities, homeless people and the elderly.

The TOPHOUSE Report aims at serving as a reference and supporting document not only for the development and implementation of the TOPHOUSE project but also for other upcoming projects committed to the promotion of the Integrated Housing & Support principles. That is why some findings and a conclusions chapter are included, outlining a possible way forward on how to develop adequate housing assessment & allocation processes and how to do this specialist job more consistently.

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Download the TOPHOUSE Report here(pdf-version).

TOPHOUSE Main Website

Find the full coverage of TOPHOUSE on the website of EASPD, one of the TOPHOUSE partners.