Logos of TOPHOUSE and the EU, with text: Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

It’s done! The TOPHOUSE project is officially ending on 30 November 2019. But it does not mean we stop here. The outcome is very promising, the tools will lead their own lives, and we will continue to inform and support the TOPHOUSE community!



TOPHOUSE is a project that aims to define the competences of professionals in the assessment, housing and support/care sector to strengthen their ability to:

FOSTER INCLUSION and RESPECT for human rights of persons at risk at exclusion, particularly persons  with disabilities


WORK MORE EFFECTIVELY and CONSTRUCTIVELY with complex needs of service users


What have we achieved?

7 partners from 6 EU countries have joined forces  to produce:

A STUDY on promising practises in integrated housing and support that provides an overview at European Level


  • Assessment of individual rights and needs
  • Individual needs and allocation of housing
  • Support needs assessment
  • Developing cross-sectoral cooperation

A TRAINING COURSE aimed at providing guidance on acquiring, delivering and assessing learning outcomes and materials developed.

COUNTRY SPECIFIC PRODUCTS (Austria, Finland, Ireland, Spain) consisting of localised and own language versions of all the previous TOPHOUSE products.


All TOPHOUSE products will be available soon here and on the EASPD website – stay tuned!


This project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union