On 14th November ENIL-ECCL will be launching their Shadow report on the implementation of CRPD Article 19 in the EU and Michael Fembek, Head of the Zero Project, ESSL Foundation, will present the preliminary results of the Zero Project 2015.

The launch will take place in the Philanthropy House, Brussels, and is co-organised with the EFC Consortium of Foundations on Human Rights and Disabilities. ENIL’s Shadow report will provide an overview of access to Independent Living in the EU, and will analyse the EU’s compliance with Article 19 since its ratification of the CRPD in 2010.


Find more information here: http://www.efc.be/news_events/Pages/events_Launch-of-the-ENIL-ECCL-Shadow-Report-on-the-implementation-of-Article-19-of-the-UNCRPD.aspx

And here: http://www.enil.eu/news/enil-launch-shadow-report-on-article-19-of-the-un-crpd/