On 15th March 2017, the Zero Project was proud to present its work to some 60 representatives from all ministerial departments of the German country state of Schleswig Holstein, at the one-day conference about the lifeworlds of people with and without disabilities organized by the Competence Center for Administrative Management (KOMMA) in cooperation with the Institute for Inclusive Education, held at the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel.

This conference focused on five topics around inclusion: Four of them belong to the main focus areas of the Zero Project (Employment, Accessibility, Independent Living and Education) and the fifth one concerned awareness raising. Each topic was presented in more detail during a working group session, which were co-directed by an educational specialists. Educational specialists are people with disabilities who qualified to work as university lecturers on the topic of disabilities (to learn more about the Zero Project Innovative Practice 2017, visit this page)

Thanks to the kind invitation of Dr. Jan Wulf Schnabel from the Institute for Inclusive Education, Ingrid Heindorf, Zero Project Head of Policy Research and Conference Organization, gave a keynote speech on the Zero Project’s work, the UN CRPD and the awarded Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices.

Keynote speech (DOC, in German)

Flyer of the event (PDF, in German)