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“I have now more than ten staff members reporting to me”.

Due to complications with measles as a child, I progressively lost my sight and was totally blind at the age of 18. Despite my disability, I managed to complete my degree in secondary education, but working as a high school teacher was challenging. I needed a fellow teacher to do a lot of things for me in class.

I set out to look for other jobs that I could perform independently, hoping that my achievements would impress a potential employer. My optimism and hopes quickly faded, however, after a series of rejections. What was worse was when people appeared to be courteous, saying that they would get back to me, but then never did.

Some might call it a stroke of luck, but I call it destiny that I came across Genashtim Innovative Learning. I was their first blind English coach conducting classes online. I was able to perform my tasks at par with my fellow non-disabled coaches using assistive technologies, and I got paid as much as they did. Further, after a year I was promoted to become the company’s very first Quality Assurance assessor. Being a blind person with a keen sense of hearing, I would listen to the recordings of other coaches’ sessions and make recommendations.

With the growth of Genashtim, I currently lead a team of QA assessors. I am also an account manager, which means I have the responsibility to deal directly with several key clients. Recently, I also took responsibility for our Content Team, where I supervise the creation of lesson materials for our learners. I now have more than ten staff reporting to me, including some who are not persons with disabilities. More than just a livelihood, working for Genashtim has given me a sense of pride and confidence.

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