Nusrat Parvin, a woman in her early twenties, was considered a total burden on her family. A woman who is neither good looking nor has a sound mind is rejected not only by the society but also by each of her family members. Under such conditions, Nusrat never realized that she, too, had potential.

During a health fair at Rupnarayanpur, Nusrat approached a stall that was staffed by Jhankar, an NGO that sells jewellery and other crafts designed and produced by people with intellectual disabilities. Thereafter, every day Nusrat would walk 30 minutes and then ride a bus for another 20 minutes to experience an encouraging environment in which she picked up the craft of jewellery making, embroidery, and other skills.

“My father burst into tears when I handed him my first earnings,” Nusrat recalled. “He embraced me and called all the other family members to announce that he was proud of me. That was the best moment of my life. I transformed into a contributing member of my family. I am not an outcast any more. Now I also have the right to take part in family decisions, and now I am able to challenge my mental illness and live my life with dignity.”

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