Being treated as a talented staff member in designing, analysing, and coding IT systems

Nguyen Van Giap owns the OneDay company, providing IT solutions through website development, software engineering, and other IT services to support persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged people. A 2010 graduate of the USAID-funded Information Technology Training Programme (ITTP) specializing in software engineering, was working as a key programmer at Viettotal, Ltd., an IT company, until early 2016. There he demonstrated his great passion for IT and his ability to collaborate well with his non-disabled colleagues. At Viettotal he was treated as a talented staff member regardless of his being confined to a wheelchair. His daily job involved designing, analysing, and coding IT systems, as well as training clients in the use and maintenance of such systems. Each year he would run four to five major projects on the management of software, which required advance IT techniques and team-work, and which were aimed at a large number of users.

Giap’s life has changed since he joined ITTP. He is no longer dependent on his family for support, and he has more friends with and without disabilities. He has been recognized by employers and colleagues as a committed, competent, and loyal staffer. More recently, and with great support and encouragement from his employer, Giap set up OneDay – realizing his vision to expand the abilities of persons with disabilities.

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