“We produce 50 orthopedic chairs per month.”

I am 39 years old and I have had a physical disability since I was 12. For a long time I had to live with limitations due to my lack of resources to buy a wheelchair, but my tireless spirit never collapsed and was the engine that drove me to realize my own dream: to build orthopedic wheelchairs for people with reduced physical mobility. At 18, I decided to start a learning process. I got a scholarship to study English in Atlanta, Georgia (USA); and at the same time I enrolled in the Eagle Sport Chairs factory workshop, where I learned assembly techniques for orthopedic wheelchairs. Six years ago I opened a workshop here in Ecuador to maintain and build these chairs, and today I am an entrepreneur – so much so that my work is considered one of the emblematic projects by the government.

I am proud to be the owner of Ortopedia Técnica Ecuador, where specialized wheelchairs are built according to the mobility capacity of each person. I work with my wife and employ three other people. I am grateful for Ecuador’s Inclusive Production for Persons with Disabilities Programme, because its advice to strengthen my business has helped my small company to produce 50 orthopedic chairs per month. Through this company I have managed to get ahead and have a decent life – as all Ecuadorians deserve.”

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