“Even with my disability I am contributing to society.”

I graduated in 2010 from the journalism department of the Faculty of Arts. I was the only visually impaired student to join this department, as at that time persons with visual impairments were not yet allowed to join. I was only allowed on the condition that I would pass all exams right from the start. Fortunately, I excelled in my studies, graduated, and then took additional courses in media and broadcasting, human resources, and English. Two years ago I joined the employment training programme of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, where again I excelled, and as such I was employed as the first visually impaired customer service agent at the largest call centre in Egypt. Further, based on my performance the company adopted the idea of employing other persons with disabilities. In addition, I was awarded a merit certificate from my company and was promoted twice, and currently I work as a human resources coordinator in the recruitment department and have helped in employing more than 100 disabled employees. Now I help in recruiting both disabled and non-disabled employees.

Learn more about Egypt’s Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Programme that is supporting equal employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in IT companies.