On the path to economic security and a strong voice in the community

Maya, 36, is a single mother of four children and the family’s bread winner. Poliomyelitis infection at the age of five affected her with neuromuscular paralysis, taking away her ability to stand or walk independently. Maya also lost her husband to tuberculosis, and the responsibility of four children then fell solely upon her.

With no marketable skills, finances, or assets, and with only a fifth-standard education, Maya appeared to have no income-generating opportunities. But today Maya is part of a disability-inclusive organic agro-enterprise project, supported by CBM, the international Christian development organization. Maya is also a budding shop-owner, processing locally grown organic produce. Specifically, she has been trained in the marketing and packaging of organic spices that are grown by her and other farmers.

One of the main features of the project is that of bringing individuals and the community together so that they can access government schemes designed for the poor and for people with disabilities. The livelihood project has not only set Maya on the path to economic and food security but it has also established her as a strong voice in the community.

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