“We grow up when we feel able and have a salary”

My job search led me to the Municipal Office of Labour Information (OMIL) of La Granja. I was already working as production operator, but I was looking for something more motivating. I found out about the More Capable Programme from SENCE, which offered me the opportunity to be trained as pastry assistant at the Francisco Frías Valenzuela of my municipality.

When I started the training, I had not a lot of expectations. However, now I realise that the best thing I could have ever done, was to register with the More Capable training. Thanks to the programme’s labour intermediation, I had the possibility to work at the same place where I was trained. It was better than my entire job search. I had worked in many different areas, but never in something I really liked.

A few months after finishing the training, already in my new job, I revived. At home I was always muted, I didn’t use any make up, I was fatter and this was a shot of energy. Now I have my own money, I count, I’m a women and I’m able. I can stand up and I don’t care if I’m alone. I’m happy.

Before the training I wasn’t able to make a cake, but a short time after it begun, I understood that I could. When I arrive to home and show my cakes, my family loved them; this was very important for me. My kids could see a better, more secure mom.

Before we had not enough money to afford the Internet, for example. Now I can pay for it with my own salary and my kids are happy. It’s crazy how we grow up when we feel able and have a salary. Now I’m working at the bakery of the Líder Supermarket and I couldn’t be in safer hands.

Learn more about how Chile’s More Capable Programme is supporting persons with disabilities to access vocational training and the open labour market, especially women and youth.