“Happy that our skills and abilities are valued in our new roles.”

Leaving home and relocating to a new region in the Kingdom to find a job is not an easy decision for any person. We lived in Jazan where we looked for employment, but we could find no suitable job vacancies. So we were faced with a tough decision: We could stay in Jazan and continue our unsuccessful job search, or we could relocate somewhere with better job prospects. Motivated to find work and focused on our career goals, we decided to expand our horizons and move to another region.

We considered that a move to the eastern province might give us greater opportunities. To this end, the Human Resources Development Fund worked with and supported us to find suitable and sustainable positions. After our initial training, we quickly settled into our new jobs as a receptionist and an accounting assistant. Today, we are happy that our skills and abilities are valued in our new roles, and that our five-day work week allows us to visit our family in Jazan at the weekend.

Learn more about Saudi Arabia’s Tawafuq Empowerment for Employment for Persons with Disabilities Programme that improved access to work for persons with disabilities.