Hoang Nguyen was born with limited eysight in a poor rural area in Vietnam. Today he works as a technician in a library in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hoang Nguyen was born into a poor family in a small village in Dong Nai province, Vietnam. A family of five, both Hoang and his father have limited eyesight. Hoang`s sight continued to worsen such that by the time he went to primary school he could not see the blackboard or read normal print textbooks. The Nhat Hong Centre supported him with eye care, scholarship, and low-vision aids so that he was able to study at the local ordinary primary and lower secondary schools. At age 15 Hoang had to move to the Nhat Hong Centre in Ho Chi Minh City to get additional support so that he could attend high school. There he began to study computer technology using Zoomtext software, which magnifies the screen in order to read and write, and he used closed-captioned TV and magnifiers for reading

After high school Hoang entered the Ton Duc Thang Technical University to study Information Technology. Although he faced many difficulties, with the assistance of technology devices, friends, and support teachers he earned a Bachelor’s degree in IT, and has since worked as a technician at the General Science Library in Ho Chi Minh City. Hoang has also gotten married, and today he is living happily and independently.