“My return to work experience was bliss to me.”

The palm oil estate where I worked was a second home to me and my brother ever since we were orphans, having to take care of two disabled sisters. Work was as usual until one day, while plucking the palm fruits, I was thrown unconscious, having been struck by a high voltage wire. Both my hands were amputated up to the elbow. I was subsequently transferred to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital for further treatment when one of my blood vessels burst in my left leg, requiring an amputation up to the knee.

At the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, the rehabilitation specialist advised me to participate in the  Social Security Organization’s (SOCSO) Return to Work Programme, as she felt that with the right prosthesis and proper management I might be able to find employment. Two years after my injury, treatment, and the fitting of all the prosthesis I attended a job fair organized by SOCSO, and there I participated in several interviews.

Happily, I was successful and I now work as a customer service officer at Efinite Value Sdn Bhd, a furniture manufacturing company. Because the company is a very supportive employer, my return to work experience was bliss to me, which I still cherish to this day. A year later, and on my own initiative, I embarked on a study of Information Technology, and recently I successfully completed and received my IT certificate. I have also applied for a disability car license so to be able to drive and to integrate even further into society.

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